Thursday, December 17, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR Inspiration Board

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Everyday Diamonds hopes you are all enjoying the holidays with friends and family! I give you this collection of amazing handmade creations to inspire you to end the year with an amazing celebration!


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Merry "Green" Christmas!!

A few simple tips to reduce waste and save money when packing those presents for shipping this season:

~ Look for the smallest box possible with minimal room on all sides. Try reusing boxes from store bought packages, rather than buying a new one! To get rid of the writing and labels on the outside, open the bottom and slit the side along one corner; turn the box inside out, then tape the open side and bottom. Voila new box!

~ Make your own waste free filler!! Run shopping bags through a strip cut shredder to make long cushioning strips for packing. You can also try calendar pages because chances are you've got the new one going already and heavy stock mail order catalogs or flyers which are littering your paper and mail box this holiday season!

~ If all your presents being shipped are going to the same city to relatives try to ship all your packages to the host of Christmas this year and that way they will all be there when the guests arrive. Bonus... Less chance of peeking!

~ Try to buy a gift wrap made from recycled paper and if you can't find any out there in the store you can check online at

~ Check out www.shippingsidekick .com to compare the cost of shipping.

~ Don't forget to save all your packaging from gifts received this year and put them to use through out the year or when the Christmas season makes it's way around again!

~ Go to to check for local stores that you can send unwanted packing material to be reused. I think this really is a great program!

Happy Packing!!!!