Saturday, November 21, 2009

New to Everyday Diamonds!!!

New to our shop, gorgeous flower rings! They come in a whole bunch of delicious colors with a filigree band.

Great price for Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers! Come check us out!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Winner of Everyday Diamonds Giveaway!

Drum roll please!............ Announcing the winner of our bracelet giveaway from Everyday Diamonds on Etsy.

Aik from Malaysia! Thanks to our worldwide friends for following our blog.

Enjoy your bracelet as much as we did making it!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Everyday Diamonds Christmas List!!!!

Mini Blue Bird is a cute evening bag to bring to your Christmas party! There are many to chose from in our shop and it still isn't to late to have one custom made! Cute gift than no one else will have and a great price of 10$.

Tri Autumn Organza flower hair pin come in lots of different colors, patterns and materials. They can be maid into a brooch or clip by request. These gorgeous flowers dress up your hair or outfit and are sure to get compliments and glares of jealousy!! Fabulous stocking stuffer or if you are getting a little adventurous why not dress up the gift wrap with something they can use!

Bangle Mingles are the best way to mix it up! You can pick your own colors and wear as multiples or singles. Set of 3 for 11$ or set of 5 for 15$!!!!

Come take a look for yourself or to check off a name on the Christmas list!!!
As a special little bonus we will include a cute little gift tag for Christmas!

Friday, November 13, 2009

*Pearl @ Play* Spotlight

In doing my spotlight I am discovering a whole variety of amazing shops across the world that have the same beautiful material and passionate creators that I have found locally. There is still a person behind the scenes loving what they make and putting it out there for the world to enjoy. It makes me feel special to be a part of something so wholesome and so vast.

In saying this I have found a great shop full of classic jewelry that can be worn with everything! Pearl @ Play is based in Singapore and can be found on Etsy. Pearl has been crafting since she was young and has used that experience to make some fabulous treasures in her shop.

If you're like me you don't have a huge range of clothes and jewelry that you can pick from. I personally have a simple collection that I draw upon every time I get dressed. I look for pieces when I shop that will compliment multiple items and finish my look. Her pieces are quintessential and have a noticeable creative design.

I love the textured metal of this necklace and it's uneven form. The crescent moon design is very feminine and flattering. The gold is brilliant and a beautiful metal that can easily compliment whatever look you are going for.

Searching for charming Christmas jewelry to wear? These pretty little snowflakes have delightful details and have my favorite bronzed finish. These are earrings that you can definitely wear to more than one Christmas function! There is also a matching necklace to complete the set.

Copper is such a great metal to wear with its orangey hue and aged patina. The whimsical design of this heart is simple but beautiful making it a stunning necklace.

Come and check out Pearl @ Play, she is offering a 10% discount to all customers from our blog. Just mention everyday diamonds at check out to receive the discount.

Friday, November 6, 2009

*The Golden Plague* Spotlight

This shop has a varied collection of unique designs handmade from metal and recycled materials. The designs are bold and alternative and can speak loud enough to be noticed without having to utter a single word! You can find The Golden Plague on An online market place for unique and handmade good of all kinds. In case you haven't been there before and want a little knowledge about Dawanda here are some FAQs!!

I have a huge admiration of anyone who can use metal in its rawest form and make absolutely beautiful creations such as this. Not only do I love the way the flower looks as if it is blooming but there is a red felted middle and shimmering jewel that makes me think of softness when its surrounded by cold hard metal. I really think this is and art piece and would be lovely in giant form as a sculpture in my home too!

There is a amazing woman behind these artistic jewelry named Aurea Praga from Porto, Potugal. She has a beuatiful mind and can bring to life the jewelry she creates so that you can enjoy their captivating charm.

This brooch has a special long stem design that I love. I personally haven't seen a design like it before and think that it is beautiful.

This little cat like ring is not only an original style but in it's shape too. There is a little underside carved out beneath the ring for the special little papers it comes with to hide secrets in! I can see this as a gift for my niece at Christmas and I know she would love this cute little feature.

This shop is generously offering 15% OFF all items and ships worldwide! Just mention golden15 at check out to get your discount. Come and check out The Golden Plague on for a little personal shopping and to take a look for christmas gifts!