Thursday, March 25, 2010

*Terrabella* Spotlight

Over at Etsy it is Euro-week and in the spirit of promoting the global handmade community, we thought we would be more worldly here as well! I am happy to bring you this shop called Terrabella from Nicaragua. To me this is a far off place and I find it fascinating to learn of people like myself running Etsy shops and how it works for them in their community.

Terrabella uses sustainable and ethical materials from Central America. The natural look and feel of her products, made from materials unique to Nicaragua, make this shop undeniably the place to find distinct home decor and eye -catching- sure -to- get you- compliments jewelry!

Terrabella is owned by a female artisan who turns to nature to create her products. You can spot the influences of Nicaragua in the natural materials used to create her products. Terrabella had such a compelling handmade story worth exploring so we asked her to tell us about crafting in Central America and here is what she had to say:

"Terrabella" means "beautiful land" and perfectly describes the setting in which I live. Our country has different natural resources in the different regions. We have volcanoes, fresh water lakes and lagoons, beaches in the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean, mountains, and rivers. Each small picturesque town has its own traditions and folklore.

Terrabella's owner is a third generation jeweler. Her husband owns a carpentry shop and uses large pieces of sustainable wood. Being the crafter that she is, she found a way to recycle his leftover pieces of wood to create like her keepsake boxes, carved bowls, and wooden bangles and earrings.

I have always been fascinated by the different regions and the ingenuity of the people in each region and found ways to help sustain and support individual families. The crocodile leather is bartered from a family that lives in the lake region where crocodiles are sustainably farmed and are used as their main source of meat. I give them bangles for their artistic creations and they give me small amounts leather in return.

The baskets are elaborated in the northern region of the country where the lower temperature and higher altitude provides pine trees that do not exist in any other region. Since my grandmother is from this region and we are constantly traveling there, I always purchase whatever amount of baskets this one particular family has made and then I embellish them with natural seeds, metals, and fibers.

I think these bracelet have such a natural beauty and rich earthy color tones. They are adaptable to any occasion for wearing them because of their wooden element and the loveliness of the quality will surely having people wondering where you have found it.

I love all these earrings and their funky, sexy appeal! I can see all the Nicaraguan ladies on the beach with their hair up and some gorgeous earthy earrings and I want to do that too! It's now my number one beach accessory this year!

I was definitely intrigued by Terrabella and the handmade story of it's existence. Come and check out all of her eco-friendly, sustainable, ethical products. We feel inspired to be more eco- conscious in our fashion thanks to Terrabella, and hope that you are too!

Terrabella has a generous Buy Two Get One Free (of equal or lesser value) Offer to A Handmade Revolution followers, just make sure to mention by contacting before your purchase. Also Terrabella has Free Shipping to USA and Canada, I know for me this is a huge bonus. A big thanks to Terrabella for your wonderful offers!

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pineapples and Cream Recipe

Delicious food is another weakness of mine and I think I may not be alone in that! A girlfriend of mine has passed on this scrumptious recipe that makes you want to lock yourself in the closet and eat the whole dish!

Pineapples and Cream


1/2c Butter Melted
2c Graham Wafer Crumbs
1/3c Organic Brown Sugar

Combine and press all ingredients except 1/2c into pan

1 3/4c of Crushed Pineapple (take a fresh pineapple and crush sliced up pieces in food processor)
1/4c Organic White Sugar
2tbsp Organic Cornstarch

Drain pineapple (wire mesh strainer is best) but save the juice and add water to the juice to make 2c..add the sugar and cornstarch. Boil in a pot until thickened. Cool, then add drained pineapple back in. Put aside.

12oz Cream Cheese (pack and a half) but I use two packs
1c Organic White Sugar
2c Whipping Cream

Beat whipping cream until it thickens and set aside. Beat cream cheese and sugar until smooth. Fold in whipped cream.

Put 1/2 cream cheese mixture on top of the crust then all of the pineapple filling. Place the remaining cream cheese on top. Then sprinkle remaining graham crumbs on top.
Refrigerate for around an hour and devour!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

*Revival Vintage Design* Spotlight

I am bringing to you a great shop called Revival Vintage Design. They are what I look for in home decor and great gifts, they have originality, beautiful quality and you can feel good about your purchase because they are eco friendly. The shop owner, a wonderful mother of teenage girls finds beautiful, striking vintage material that has been cast aside and finds a purpose once again for material that shouldn't be abandoned. The material have caught her eye with bold colors, whimsical and classic designs and been transformed into stunning accent pillows, adorable children's animals and accessories.

These are a few examples of the outstanding pillows she creates. I love that the material is not only unique because it is made by an artisan but also unique because the material is no longer in production. Pillows make such a great statement of who you are and how you feel in your home and I think these can easily make a statement but also speak loudly about caring for our environment.
I just fell in love with these cute and cuddly animals. I enjoy that they represent a feeling instantly because of their spirited materials rather than being a typical reproduction character form. They can double as a friend for your child and an accessory in their room so that's a win for mom and child! They are sure to be a very unique treasure.

Revival Vintage Design has also designed ipod/iphone/camera cases. I think it's agreat way to individualize your phone, ipod or camera. When you can go to someone's house now and have to thoroughly check which identical phone is yours sitting on the table this won't happen with a unique case. What better way to make a personal statement than on the accessory to our lives that are always with us in plain sight!

These lovely little elephants are filled with organic lavender and flax seeds and are pretty enough to be left out anywhere to add scent in a room. You can do the same with these gorgeous pachyderms that commercial industry tries to get you to do with chemicals. I don't even need to be convinced about that one, elephants in a room are the way to go but this time you can feel free to brag about them!

I applaud anyone trying to make an impact in being environmentally friendly and the brilliant ways of reusing material that we no longer thought was viable. These creations are not only gorgeous but are a way for someone who feels they don't play a role in the wide spread environmental crusade to play their part and make a difference! Come and check out Revival Vintage Design at their Etsy shop or Website or join them on Twitter and Facebook.


Friday, March 5, 2010

*Kelly Berkey Designs* Spotlight

I have had the pleasure of visiting this great Etsy shop and felt like it left me in good spirits just to look at the collection of delightful jewelry. All of kelly's designs have a positive soulful vibe. Her inspiration seems to come from meaningful thoughts, important family connections and her own passion for art.

Kelly has beautiful hand stamped sterling silver charm necklaces that not only make an emotional statement but a fashion statement as well! There is a lovely variety of different shapes and jeweled embellishments to chose from and she has momentous words of inspiration on each piece. If you would like your own unique words of wisdom write her a message in her shop. I think the sterling silver makes these pieces extremely versatile for all different occasions and I would be tempted to wear them as an everyday accessory.

These earring caught my eye as I have a fondness for pearls. These are pink hued fresh water pearls dangling from sterling silver and I think quite a compliment to a gorgeous outfit. These will definitely bring out the sparkle and shine!

Like the pearls these have a beautiful dangling look to them. Gorgeous orange diamond cut genuine carnelian roundels with red aurora borealis swarovski crystals make them very unique and eye catching!

For me this is definitely one of my favorites! I love my kids and to be able to have their adorable smiles as a wearable keepsake is special to me. This silver bracelet is made custom with your own photos and would make a great gift for someone important to you!

As always I am happy to come across such amazing talent and if there is anything you like at Kelly Berkey Designs go for a visit and let us know with a comment.