Friday, March 5, 2010

*Kelly Berkey Designs* Spotlight

I have had the pleasure of visiting this great Etsy shop and felt like it left me in good spirits just to look at the collection of delightful jewelry. All of kelly's designs have a positive soulful vibe. Her inspiration seems to come from meaningful thoughts, important family connections and her own passion for art.

Kelly has beautiful hand stamped sterling silver charm necklaces that not only make an emotional statement but a fashion statement as well! There is a lovely variety of different shapes and jeweled embellishments to chose from and she has momentous words of inspiration on each piece. If you would like your own unique words of wisdom write her a message in her shop. I think the sterling silver makes these pieces extremely versatile for all different occasions and I would be tempted to wear them as an everyday accessory.

These earring caught my eye as I have a fondness for pearls. These are pink hued fresh water pearls dangling from sterling silver and I think quite a compliment to a gorgeous outfit. These will definitely bring out the sparkle and shine!

Like the pearls these have a beautiful dangling look to them. Gorgeous orange diamond cut genuine carnelian roundels with red aurora borealis swarovski crystals make them very unique and eye catching!

For me this is definitely one of my favorites! I love my kids and to be able to have their adorable smiles as a wearable keepsake is special to me. This silver bracelet is made custom with your own photos and would make a great gift for someone important to you!

As always I am happy to come across such amazing talent and if there is anything you like at Kelly Berkey Designs go for a visit and let us know with a comment.



  1. That photo charm bracelet is darling. That would make a great Mother's Day gift with custom photos! Thanks for sharing a great shop!

  2. I LOVE Kelly's work! What a great spotlight :)

  3. Hi Robin,
    Thanks so much for your lovely spotlight on my little Etsy shop! I love how you showcased my jewelry.

    Hugs to you my dear and glad you are feeling better!