Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Everyday Diamonds Shop On Flickr

I am always posting and updating the pictures of items for sale in our shop. Click on this link to have a peek or join with flickr to to keep up with the updates!


Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Belle Fleur Review & Discount!

Since I am familiar to life with kids I have found this cute little shop that has kid approved finds. However I wont forget to mention that there are many organizing products too that mom can appreciate!
The shop owner has a powerful advantage in her creations, she is the mother of a young daughter who I'm sure is her inspiration. Her love of crafts is apparent in her work and whimsical ideas.

The Belle Fleur's Pa Jam Jam Shams are made with mom in mind. What mom isn't tired of repeating herself and having to ask to put away clothes! Well what kid wouldn't want to stash their Pj's in this cute little pillow and stylish for the bed of course! Come to think of it, I might even get her to make me one to avoid the lump of Pajamas I have under my pillow!

New to this shop is absolutely adorable dresses and I for one am always looking for clothes my kids can wear that are not found on multiple kids every time we go out! The material of this dress is so cute and sure to win many compliments. They are simple in design so no tugging to get them on and the cute oversize buttons are beautiful to look at, all the while Velcro is the fastener keeping dress in place. She has really understood that the faster and easier it goes on is key! Not to mention they are gorgeous on your cutie as they jump and play throughout their day! Keep in touch with this shop because these are done in different fabrics, so you can find one for any occasion.

I have this shop as a definite favorite and I hope you will too! We all want what's best for our kids and that means in their everyday life too not just future college funds. Quality crafted products are very important to me, I love the fact that this is made by a hard working mom for hard working moms! Kids too!

Cute as a Button Closet Organizers

The Belle Fleur is generously offering 50% off any item excluding clothes and regular shipping rates apply for the week of Saturday July 25th to Saturday Aug 1st. Just convo her at her etsy shop and she will reserve a custom listing in your name for your to purchase with the discount!

Thanks to The Belle Fleur you have a amazing shop! www.thebellefleur.etsy.com

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Flower Madness!!

I just wanted to share some pictures of flowers my sister Jessica is doing in our shop. They have been a hot ticket and everyone is buying them up! I actually saw on the show Big Brother, one of the house guests wearing a flower on a headband very similar! The great thing is she has made them out of vintage dresses, very eco minded! They are all gorgeous and can be made in many styles. www.everydaydiamonds.etsy.com
Want one? Come and check them out!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Handmade Lowdown

Here is a great website dedicated to handmade. They describe exactly how I feel about handmade, how it enriches a life, a community and a nation. The revolution is starting to get its much deserved recognition in Canada, the US and Europe. It is global and the internet allows us to connect everywhere and gives us the choice of where and what we want to buy. I hope if you are a handmade shop owner it gives you a smile to see how we are up and coming and if you are a consumer I hope it makes you feel happy to know that you are a part of the handmade network!

This site has many links to other websites with handmade information as well as a exceptional documentary created by Faythe Levine, Handmade Nation. She has documented a diverse culture of handmade in the US.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


This is officially my first blog! I am excited to bring news, information, new products and just fun to my followers. I really believe that there is a vast amount of handmade products that are made by very talented individuals and they deserve to be discovered. Handmade is about someone's home, life and creativity. Handmade is personal, unique and in no way corporate! Which I think are many of the reasons people are paying attention and saying that they in turn deserve more. They deserve the personal attention you get from a small shop, the custom orders and knowing that they are helping someone else's dreams to be fulfilled. The shops are made and owned by people who love what they create and are waiting to share with people who love their products.

I am an Etsy shop owner myself and I will be showcasing some of my fellow Etsy shops. I started Etsy as a way to remain creative while living a busy life with a hard working husband and two beautiful young children. My sister also felt the creative drain and we decided to do this together as a team. There are many others like us and more starting all the time. I think its great to be able to be a part of a handmade network but also meet the people behind the amazing products.

A Handmade Revolution is about wanting and standing up for more! As a consumer more and more we are being reminded that its up to us to decide where our purchases come from. Handmade is not handmade by employees in another country with no connection to the founder of the company. It may even be made by someone closer to you than you even think! It's about choosing to buy what makes you feel good and recognizing the hard working people behind handmade.

I look forward to showing you who and what I find with future blogs on A Handmade Revolution!