Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Handmade Lowdown

Here is a great website dedicated to handmade. They describe exactly how I feel about handmade, how it enriches a life, a community and a nation. The revolution is starting to get its much deserved recognition in Canada, the US and Europe. It is global and the internet allows us to connect everywhere and gives us the choice of where and what we want to buy. I hope if you are a handmade shop owner it gives you a smile to see how we are up and coming and if you are a consumer I hope it makes you feel happy to know that you are a part of the handmade network!

This site has many links to other websites with handmade information as well as a exceptional documentary created by Faythe Levine, Handmade Nation. She has documented a diverse culture of handmade in the US.

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