Friday, November 6, 2009

*The Golden Plague* Spotlight

This shop has a varied collection of unique designs handmade from metal and recycled materials. The designs are bold and alternative and can speak loud enough to be noticed without having to utter a single word! You can find The Golden Plague on An online market place for unique and handmade good of all kinds. In case you haven't been there before and want a little knowledge about Dawanda here are some FAQs!!

I have a huge admiration of anyone who can use metal in its rawest form and make absolutely beautiful creations such as this. Not only do I love the way the flower looks as if it is blooming but there is a red felted middle and shimmering jewel that makes me think of softness when its surrounded by cold hard metal. I really think this is and art piece and would be lovely in giant form as a sculpture in my home too!

There is a amazing woman behind these artistic jewelry named Aurea Praga from Porto, Potugal. She has a beuatiful mind and can bring to life the jewelry she creates so that you can enjoy their captivating charm.

This brooch has a special long stem design that I love. I personally haven't seen a design like it before and think that it is beautiful.

This little cat like ring is not only an original style but in it's shape too. There is a little underside carved out beneath the ring for the special little papers it comes with to hide secrets in! I can see this as a gift for my niece at Christmas and I know she would love this cute little feature.

This shop is generously offering 15% OFF all items and ships worldwide! Just mention golden15 at check out to get your discount. Come and check out The Golden Plague on for a little personal shopping and to take a look for christmas gifts!


  1. Gorgeous!!! What a wonderful talent! I have a LOVE for lil' metal flower pins and jewelry, and my collection is quite small only because you don't find quality like that just anywhere!!! Now I know where to look ; )

  2. Wow- so artistic and unique! I especially like the "Shoot for the Moon and Hit the Stars" necklace.

  3. It's so great that you like my work :)
    And thanks Robin for this wonderful feature!