Thursday, January 28, 2010

* Val Vanias Art * Spotlight

I have great things to say about this shop in Etsy. The shop's name is Val Vanias Art and the pieces in shop really are works of art. I love the colors and use of vintage looking metal. This artisan loves to make unique and individual jewelry and leaves every piece with its own impression. Her jewelry to me speaks with passion of love and life! You'll have to see for yourself.

Her butterflies are very beautiful! They have a delicate feminine style but the colors make them stand out. They are all exquisitely hand painted and come with dainty antique brass chains with Czech fire polished faceted rondelles. The great thing is I could see how they can be very versatile jewelry, they can be casual or formal and look amazing!

I would have to say that this is my favorite piece in her shop. To me it seems like a piece that has a story, it speaks of spring , life , love and devotion. This pendant has striking pink eye glass beads and is hand twisted with silver plated wire. As a bonus a matching wire wrap bracelet comes with the pendant. This would be great for an up and coming gift for Valentine's. Come to think of it I may send hints to my husband!

I remember as a girl having a locket from my grandparents and really treasuring it. I love the way this one is done with a colorful mosaic design and is a beautiful to look at. This is hand painted with Czech fire polished beads and when you view it closely you'll see the intricate painted work that goes into it. I think this could be a piece to pass down with pictures of loved ones and what better way to remember them really!

I really like the simplicity of these earrings. With spring around the corner I think a flower is very appropriate and the colors are bright and cheerful. These are a match for the butterflies and together would make a fabulous complimentary set.

Come and check out Val Vanias Art on Etsy. She is graciously giving any blogger friends 10% on your purchase. Just let her know at checkout that you came across it at A Handmade Revolution. Her shop is amazing and I dare you not to love something!!


  1. WOW - this write up on my Etsy shop is so lovely - thank you thank you thank you Robin for taking the time to come up with this great post :D - big hugz to you my friend.

    I will go and blog about this post and also Tweet it too - you are a real gem, many thanks, Val xo

  2. Beautiful pieces! I especially love the butterflies and the clay flower earrings. Nice finds!

  3. HEAR HEAR!!!
    ...aren`t here creations awesome?!
    greetings Francien.

  4. Hi there, I follow Vals blog and love her work, it was so nice to find your blog through hers too!!! :0)

  5. Wonderful Post, Val is so talented!

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous pieces! The butterflies, the flowers... So feminine!