Thursday, May 27, 2010

*Hollyhock Alpacas Spotlight & Giveaway*

I have to say that I really love what this shop practices in lifestyle and in business! Hollyhock Alpacas is a shop that really embraces an eco friendly way of living and selling their wares. The shop is owned by Teresa, a wonderful women who, with her husband has left the cold corporate world and begun a business raising and breeding alpacas. She sells their sheared alpaca fiber in many forms in her shop. The fiber is raw or spun, natural or dyed and then used to create some of her beautiful, soft warm handmade clothing.
Hollyhock Alpacas operates as organically as possible with a valiant effort trying to make a small carbon footprint on the world. The dyes used on the fiber are created from indigo, black walnut husks, goldenrod and marigold flowers picked or grown by Teresa which give the fiber a gorgeous natural hue. At home Teresa uses her alpaca manure for her garden, left over fiber for bird nesting material and uses a local mini mill specializing in alpaca fiber for processing.

I just absolute love that Teresa and her shop stand for a way of life that we all need to be more connected with. She is an example of how to change your life for the good of all of our futures and to be completely fulfilled on a personal level while doing it. Obviously not everyone is able to drastically change their life which may depend on so many variables but at the very least we can support an individual who is making a difference and by buying in her shop we are all a part of what Teresa is doing to change our planet!

The Alpaca is a domesticated species of animal that resembles a small Llama. Alpacas were specifically bred thousands of years ago for their fiber in South America and have since come to be a part of western culture's small local farm community. Alpaca fleece is a lustrous and silky material similar to sheep's wool. The material is warm, not prickly and contains no lanolin making the fiber and any clothing made from it hypo allergenic and naturally water resistant.

Hollyhock Alpacas has soft beautiful fiber for sale and most of their product for raw or spun fiber are abundant in the spring. However Teresa's fabulous handmade clothing can be found year round. She has a variety of warm and woolies found in shop and I for one could use some extra warmth for my cold and chilly spring in Victoria this season.

This fiber in roving and yarn form is from two sibling alpacas found on Teresa's farm. It is very soft and brown with a reddish undertone. If you like to knit you should consider trying alpaca yarn and you will be converted!

Fingerless gloves with colors so cute! Keep your hands out of the cold morning air and looking adorable while sipping coffee on your porch. These are delightful gloves made out of a high quality sought after material. Did you know that Armani uses alpaca fiber in their suits? It is material worthy of an expensive designer however Hollyhock alpacas have way better prices!

Keep those little chubby baby toes cozy and warm! Who needs slippers? These soft, lush socks can be perfect for winter but in the summer they can double as slippers for cool crisp nights. These little piggys will be snuggle-able!

Come and Check out Hollyhock Alpacas on Etsy!

Hollyhock Alpacas is giving away an Alpaca Bird Nesting Material Kit. Your neighborhood birds will have the softest nest in town! Join in for your chance to win this great little kit!

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  1. I just want to say a huge 'Thanks' to Robin for putting together such a flattering post! I'm not sure I can live up to all her praise. Good luck to all who enter the contest.

  2. I love how they try to reuse and recycle every last thing. The bird nesting material kit is testament to that! I adore the green woven shawl!


  3. I am now following your blog.