Thursday, July 14, 2011

Why am I a Vegetarian?

Some of my friends and family are taken aback when I mention (usually while they are offering a meat dish!) that I am vegetarian (or flexitarian but no one knows what that means even my spell check doesn't recognize it!). I wasn't a huge carnivore before but meal life definitely revolved around meat. They ask "why?" My answer in reality is that I don't have one specific explanation, it just kinda happened. Vegetarian to me didn't start by just eliminating meat! It was more of an attempt to eat healthy, buy local and be more conscious of what I was eating/feeding my family and where it was coming from. On my journey I have become aware of some of the horrendous trick of the trade food manufacturers use to make their product cheap and appealing to consumers. I have tried to eat less processed foods which are always altered (and not to your benefit) and to stay away from artificially altered animals products like eggs and meat. Honestly I am not even getting into ethically what happens to these animals that sacrifice for us to provide food, that's a whole other blog post!! I am going to put a link to an article you can read!!
The exposure of things you don't think about regularly and I really don't blame you are what got me started on my journey. By no means do I think we should all be vegetarian but I do think we should all know what it is they are feeding us and making us pay for! Just something to think about when we shop or eat at a restaurant.


  1. Robin--I'm a vegetarian and I design hand-crafted jewelry. When I found your blog, I just had to join! Very creative layout too! Can't wait to read/see more! --Sharyl

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  2. Thanks Sharyl!
    I always welcome new followers.