Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Everyday Diamonds Spotlight

Have a look at what my talented sister has been up to! Her Everyday Diamonds Shop on Etsy has the cutest flowers and this set of nine is a steal!
Floral Brooch or Hair Pin Favors - Grab Bag - Set of 9



  1. These are so charming! I love the "silk-and-pearls" look, but in miniature here. It reminds me of a tiny dose of my grandmother but in a style I could get away with. I can see some people wearing in their hair. I couldn't get away with that personally, so I would wear on a jacket--but no matter what, they are darling!

    (I can imagine these used in my home too. I have some cream-colored sheers on a large front window. These would make lovely pullback ties. Or they could be placed in a nice glass plate nearby as a "bouquet," much as arranged in the photo. I hope you don't mind me expressing these ideas. It's just because I like them so much!)

  2. Love to hear ideas!! Glad you love them as much as I do!

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