Monday, September 14, 2009

Chocolate Comfort!!

Lavender Vanilla Essential Oil - Handmade Cold Process Soap Bar by Lippincott Soap Co.

Maple Sugar - Earrings by Wrist Candy Creations

Adult Flowered Visor Beanie by Portland Beanie Company

Wide Leather Wristband by Art of Spirit Leather Works

Natural Beauty Necklace by Southern Dutch Girl

Scrabble Tile Pendant- COTTON by Pieces of Me Pendants

Brown Neck Lush Ultra by Neck Lush

Softee Brown Sugar Newborn Cocoon Pod by I'll Be Yarned

Pink and Brown Kimonos - SALE by The Belle and The Beau

MMMM...... Just as good as the real thing!!
Chocolate has nothing on shopping therapy!


  1. Delicious inspiration board! That Cocoon Pod is simply adorable.

  2. that's just gorgeous! i love chocolate brown. those shoes!

  3. What a fabulous warm and comforting collection of rich, chocolate browns! Perfect for autumn! Thanks so much for including my maple sugar earrings.

  4. lol - now i want a Dove bar!! very nice :-) Thanks for including my wristband with these lovely selections!

  5. Great fall colors also remind me of chocolate ;) Of course, I'd love to be considered for one of your upcoming boards & you've inspired me to start thinking of doing one of my own... Of course if I make one, you'll be in it :)

  6. Such a great mood! Puts me right intothe fall mode :)