Wednesday, September 23, 2009

~ Zush ~ Etsy Shop Review

My overall feeling of the jewelry in this shop is a chic modern traditional design. I really enjoy how all her pieces are stylish, elegant and eye catching color. When wearing these pieces it would be impossible to not be a beautiful woman!

The beautiful woman who has created this shop in hopes of sharing her love of jewelry and the making of it, is nicknamed Zush hence the shop title! It just sounds great saying it a few times even! She is a happily married mother of one living in Brisbane, Australia. Like most Moms with daughters hopes to pass on her passion and share in those special family moments. She uses only the finest quality in material such as sterling silver, swarovski crystal and freshwater pearls. This is quite apparent in her pieces and is what really draws me to her shop.

This gorgeous brightly colored necklace uses an absolutely stunning circle of turquoise and the attention to detail is marvelous! There is a tiny mother of pearl flower shell to add a lovely feminine touch. The bright colors are such a playful contrast with the interlocking rings and the dark color off the metal. I Love the vivaciousness, it has a way of announcing your presence and a positive vibe just from wearing it.

This pretty pink flower ring is on my wish list for sure! Flowers are the hot item in fashion but this one is a classic. I love that it is cameo like and the cute little pink rose looks as if it's blooming while you're wearing it.

You can find earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets and all her pieces come beautifully wrapped to make opening your purchase or sharing it with another all the more sweet. Zush offers shipping internationally however free to all customers in Australia with pick up available if you live close by. I highly recommend visiting this shop and keeping tabs on all her up and coming phenomenal designs.

You visit her shop at and if you are a twitter fan @myzush


  1. I know where to come shopping for Christmas gifts! Stunning work, Zush.

  2. Beautiful jewellery!!!