Friday, August 14, 2009

Fabulous Wedding Wishes

Weddings can be completely stressful! I know this from personal experience and they wouldn't have shows like Bridezilla if it was a misconception. My personal advice is not to lose sight of the real reason for your marriage. You have found someone you love so immeasurably that you want to share that with family and friends!

With that said you also don't want to forget about looking absolutely stunning and knock the socks off your husband to be when he gets to see you for the first time walking down that aisle! Our most popular item in shop for weddings has been the flower accessory that can be worn in your hair or on your dress. We have had many request for matching sets for bride and bridesmaids!

These cute little pouch like purses can be given to bridesmaids as a gift of appreciation for all that they have done to help you with the trails and tribulations of planning a wedding. They can be customized in any color with choices for handles, material and flower detail. Purses and flowers alike can be found at

In my Blog travels online I have found another wonderful blog that really helps inspire the imagination for that one of a kind wedding day. They have put together visual collages of wedding items you can purchase through Etsy. They arrange the collages by theme and have the name of item and where to find it, so there is no searching if something catches your eye you can have it! I think their talent for putting together an aray of complimenting collections is stunning. If you need inspiration or just don't know where to find what you are looking for please visit

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