Thursday, August 27, 2009

Little Jumping Beans Review

Fashionable loving parents need to come visit Little Jumping Bean's shop! They have all sort of baby gear that can help, style and entertain your little one.

I myself have bought the soft soled baby shoes that promote development for babies feet before. I have to say I was unfortunate in not knowing about this shop sooner and didn't have the great designs and prices to choose from for my own two girls. If only someone had told me sooner!! They have a teeny tiny size but bold with flair. My fave would have to be pea pod, I love green and the design is so stylish! Or oh my goodness a pair done in damask, you know your baby group mom's will be all over those ones!

In case you didn't know...Podiatrists recommend that babies learn to walk barefoot for their feet to develop naturally. My girls feet tend to get a little chilly especially in winter time and I wasn't comfortable just letting them walk all over dirty situations either. Soft soled shoes allow children to feel and grip the ground which is good for for muscle development and you don't have to worry about the constant hard clumsy falls, that happen in stiff heavy shoes. My girls loved their shoes and when they were beyond using them as walking shoes they made awesome slippers, they actually wore them till they were three. Now that's an investment!

I have also found over sized receiving blankets. Now anyone who has tried to swaddle their baby in traditional sized receiving blankets know that they are just too small and you can forget it if they are cotton because the shrinkage is disastrous! These will snuggle and soothe your baby without a fuss. They are flannelet to keep them warm with a cute fabric to keep them ready for the constant barrage of mommy's picture taking addiction!

You have to check out this wonderful shop on Etsy. With the great selection of stylish baby gear, you can be certain your little jumping bean will be decked out in personality and panache!

I invite all my readers to let me know what you think of the shop and what you liked the best. Then a randomly drawn comment will receive 10% off at my Everyday Diamonds shop!


  1. What a cute shop! These would be a perfect gift for a little one (or rather, their parents!).

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