Friday, August 21, 2009

Laughing Fridge Magnet Art Magnets Review

Make yourself smile with magnets from Laughing Fridge Art Magnets Shop on Etsy. My Daughter and I were scrolling through the sensational magnets in shop and she commented to me "Mommy they are all happy!" and she's right. They are a collection of imaginative pieces of art that can't help but bring those corners of your mouth round to a full on smile! The name of their shop says it all!

My fridge is a collection of happy moments, in picture form, drawings from my kids and the daily event or grocery lists. However I am a fan of style in my home so I don't want just anything to hang my bits and pieces. I think these magnet are great, they are art to compliment your fridge and not just the advertising magnet from the latest dentist you've been visiting! You know you've had too many of those at one point!!

The creators of this shop and the magnets are a wonderful couple John and Donna Mclean both artists in their own right and they lend a great deal of personality to each individual piece. They make a terrific team as I'm sure they are both critics and inspiration for each other. The magnets are handmade through various steps and care and attention go into the smallest of details. Signed, numbered and dated so you can be reminded of their Importance to their creators and now to you!

When reviewing this shop I had a hard time not putting up all their pictures because each and every one of these magnets are so delightful! This shop even has an oops section with discounts and many great works of art have been created out of oops! They're a great one of a kind gift that invoke happy thoughts and cute comments. I can already think of some people on my list who would love them not to mention myself and my kids!

Don't forget!! Halloween is fast approaching and there are a couple holiday inspired magnets in shop as well. For all you early Christmas shopping enthusiasts, the shop has offered to make any magnets into ornaments. What a good idea, just contact them to let them know.

Come have a look at Laughing Fridge Art Magnets and bring home some fun or at least brighten your day!

I invite all my followers to back and let me know what you think of the Laughing Fridge shop. Post a comment or contact me with your thoughts. I will randomly draw a comment and you will receive 10% off at my Everyday Diamonds shop!


  1. Hello,
    I am owned by a dachshund named Sasha, and she and I really love this shops doxie magnets. They are so popular that this shop has a hard time keeping them on the shelves so to speak. We give two paws up for promoing a fellow dachshund etsy team member. We would give more, but Sasha says it is too hot to roll on her back and lift all four paws up. Athena and Sasha.

  2. Laughing Fridge makes adorable magnets! They definitely bring a smile. Sorry Sasha, dogs are cute, but cats are the cutest! Just ask them. ;)

  3. Karen, the kitties are cute, but she just listed a doxie magnet and it already sold. She has lots of kitties still needing homes in her shop. So My guess is Doxies Rock for sure!

  4. Love the magnets from Laughing Fridge! Great feature on this shop!