Thursday, October 22, 2009

*Red Poppy Accesories*Spotlight

I would like to introduce you to Red Poppy Accessories, an eye catching shop on Etsy with stunningly beautiful jewelry creations. I instantly fell in love with this shop. Her jewelry has a very modern flair and her colors are very immediately appealing for any fashionable wardrobe. Actually I think her jewelry can make a wardrobe fashionable for that matter!

This stylish artisan is a women named Eva living in Melbourne, Australia. She is a wife and mother, artist and animal lover. She has a great eye and knack for making funky jewelry which she has discovered and is pursuing passionately.

Some of my absolutely favorite pieces are her fabric pendants. I have a big weak spot for fabric patterns and I love the colors and design found on the simple button form. An understated design that speaks boldly that it needs to be noticed! The nice thing about these is that you can wear them on many different occasions and the fact that they can even be everyday pieces make them a huge bonus.

You can also find fabric buttons hair clips to match the pendant making a fabulous matching set. Her earrings seem so delicate and have an elegant manor but their colors seem to dazzle. I love that some of the pieces seem to have a little romance: the He Loves Me , He Loves Me Not and the Bird In The Cage necklace. There is a diversity of different metal patinas used in the jewelry, that really complements each piece. Red Poppy Accessories has very classy jewelry which just leads me to believe there must be a very classy women behind it all!

Red Poppy Accessories has an amazing offer along with this spotlight! She is offering FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE to all customers from Oct.23 to Oct.25.
Come and check out Red Poppy Accessories and fall in love!

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