Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cheers to You, Blue Sky Inspiration

Clarity Necklace in Silver and Glass by the amazingly creative jewelry maker Spiffing Jewelry

Pretty Flowers Washi Modern Locket one of dozens of unique and well-crafted lockets by Locket 2 You

Cobalt Blue Leather Clutch ~European Vacation a one-stop Etsy shop for unique leather bags from Crystalyn Kae

Small Cup Ring in Aqua a piece of stunning wearable metal work by Thalassa Jewelry

Cornflower necklace one of many colorful and OOAK (one of a kind) pieces by the always friendly Justice Jewelry

Tree Silhouette Wrap Leather Cuff a unique and colorful leather creation that I spotted at the Sunday Market in Victoria by Holly Hawk (if you're in the area check her work out!)

Modern Silver Earrings-Up-Square-Overs one of many sleek clean-lined jewelry pieces by Lime Green Modern

Gypsy Blue Necklace a must stop for a variety of brightly colored accessories by Shaped By hand

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Little Jumping Beans Review

Fashionable loving parents need to come visit Little Jumping Bean's shop! They have all sort of baby gear that can help, style and entertain your little one.

I myself have bought the soft soled baby shoes that promote development for babies feet before. I have to say I was unfortunate in not knowing about this shop sooner and didn't have the great designs and prices to choose from for my own two girls. If only someone had told me sooner!! They have a teeny tiny size but bold with flair. My fave would have to be pea pod, I love green and the design is so stylish! Or oh my goodness a pair done in damask, you know your baby group mom's will be all over those ones!

In case you didn't know...Podiatrists recommend that babies learn to walk barefoot for their feet to develop naturally. My girls feet tend to get a little chilly especially in winter time and I wasn't comfortable just letting them walk all over dirty situations either. Soft soled shoes allow children to feel and grip the ground which is good for for muscle development and you don't have to worry about the constant hard clumsy falls, that happen in stiff heavy shoes. My girls loved their shoes and when they were beyond using them as walking shoes they made awesome slippers, they actually wore them till they were three. Now that's an investment!

I have also found over sized receiving blankets. Now anyone who has tried to swaddle their baby in traditional sized receiving blankets know that they are just too small and you can forget it if they are cotton because the shrinkage is disastrous! These will snuggle and soothe your baby without a fuss. They are flannelet to keep them warm with a cute fabric to keep them ready for the constant barrage of mommy's picture taking addiction!

You have to check out this wonderful shop on Etsy. With the great selection of stylish baby gear, you can be certain your little jumping bean will be decked out in personality and panache!

I invite all my readers to let me know what you think of the shop and what you liked the best. Then a randomly drawn comment will receive 10% off at my Everyday Diamonds shop!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Win a Giveaway!!!

Want to win a free purse from our Everyday Diamonds Etsy shop??!! Yah you do!!! It's simple. Come check us out on our review at Organic Mamas.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Laughing Fridge Magnet Art Magnets Review

Make yourself smile with magnets from Laughing Fridge Art Magnets Shop on Etsy. My Daughter and I were scrolling through the sensational magnets in shop and she commented to me "Mommy they are all happy!" and she's right. They are a collection of imaginative pieces of art that can't help but bring those corners of your mouth round to a full on smile! The name of their shop says it all!

My fridge is a collection of happy moments, in picture form, drawings from my kids and the daily event or grocery lists. However I am a fan of style in my home so I don't want just anything to hang my bits and pieces. I think these magnet are great, they are art to compliment your fridge and not just the advertising magnet from the latest dentist you've been visiting! You know you've had too many of those at one point!!

The creators of this shop and the magnets are a wonderful couple John and Donna Mclean both artists in their own right and they lend a great deal of personality to each individual piece. They make a terrific team as I'm sure they are both critics and inspiration for each other. The magnets are handmade through various steps and care and attention go into the smallest of details. Signed, numbered and dated so you can be reminded of their Importance to their creators and now to you!

When reviewing this shop I had a hard time not putting up all their pictures because each and every one of these magnets are so delightful! This shop even has an oops section with discounts and many great works of art have been created out of oops! They're a great one of a kind gift that invoke happy thoughts and cute comments. I can already think of some people on my list who would love them not to mention myself and my kids!

Don't forget!! Halloween is fast approaching and there are a couple holiday inspired magnets in shop as well. For all you early Christmas shopping enthusiasts, the shop has offered to make any magnets into ornaments. What a good idea, just contact them to let them know.

Come have a look at Laughing Fridge Art Magnets and bring home some fun or at least brighten your day!

I invite all my followers to back and let me know what you think of the Laughing Fridge shop. Post a comment or contact me with your thoughts. I will randomly draw a comment and you will receive 10% off at my Everyday Diamonds shop!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Support HIV Edmonton

I wanted to share this post from our Shop. My partner in the shop and sister is putting up a great listing in support of HIV. I am proud to show it off and I really think it's great to do our part and give back to those who are in need.

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted."

Free shipping on this item!

100% of this sale will go to support HIV Edmonton.

On Sunday, September 20th Edmonton is holding its annual AIDS Walk for Life and is collecting pledges. All proceeds from this sale will go to sponsor my best friend who is doing the AIDS Walk for Life this year!

~ Jessica

For more information on the Aids Walk for Life visit:

Friday, August 14, 2009

Fabulous Wedding Wishes

Weddings can be completely stressful! I know this from personal experience and they wouldn't have shows like Bridezilla if it was a misconception. My personal advice is not to lose sight of the real reason for your marriage. You have found someone you love so immeasurably that you want to share that with family and friends!

With that said you also don't want to forget about looking absolutely stunning and knock the socks off your husband to be when he gets to see you for the first time walking down that aisle! Our most popular item in shop for weddings has been the flower accessory that can be worn in your hair or on your dress. We have had many request for matching sets for bride and bridesmaids!

These cute little pouch like purses can be given to bridesmaids as a gift of appreciation for all that they have done to help you with the trails and tribulations of planning a wedding. They can be customized in any color with choices for handles, material and flower detail. Purses and flowers alike can be found at

In my Blog travels online I have found another wonderful blog that really helps inspire the imagination for that one of a kind wedding day. They have put together visual collages of wedding items you can purchase through Etsy. They arrange the collages by theme and have the name of item and where to find it, so there is no searching if something catches your eye you can have it! I think their talent for putting together an aray of complimenting collections is stunning. If you need inspiration or just don't know where to find what you are looking for please visit

Thursday, August 13, 2009

DIY Eco Beads

We often receive messages asking how we made our eco-jewelry, which has prompted us to write this tutorial! As with most craft projects, there are various ways to make these beads but here are the steps that work best for us.

Here is the list of materials you will need:

Newspaper/junk mail
Craft glue (the white kind) or carpenter’s glue (even though it’s yellow it dries clear)
An old pot
Acrylic paint
Ribbon or string
Spray glossy (matte or glossy)

1. First take at least half of a newspaper and shred it into pieces. You can rip the pages into chunks or tear them into strips. Ensure the chunks are small enough that they will break down. If you want to make really large beads you will need more paper.

2. Boil water in an old pot (it will get stained). Put the shredded newspaper into water. Stir occasionally and let the newspaper sit in the water for at least an hour so that it can break down.

3. Once the paper is broken down strain out as much water as you can. I use my hands to squeeze out the water (be careful not to burn yourself).

4. Now is the fun part! Squeeze lots of glue into the pot of strained paper and work it into the paper with your hands. You need enough glue that the paper sticks together when you roll it into a ball. Be generous with the glue. You will now have a gluey-papery mess (this is a good mess!).

5. Roll the mixture into beads or shape them into squares (the possibilities are endless). It helps if you keep one palm still while rolling with the other so that the beads don’t break apart. If you find they are breaking apart no matter what you do, you may need more glue.

6. The beads will take at least 3 days to dry. Make sure they are dried completely before you drill them or you will end up with a crumbled mess (trust me!). Shake the beads every few hours for a few days so that they don’t end up with a flat side.

7. Once the beads are dry drill holes into them. Depending on how you want to string them you can vary the size of the holes.

8. Sand the beads for the texture you desire.

9. Paint the beads however you like. I use acrylic paint which you can pick up anywhere and it comes in loads of different colors.

10. After the beads dry you can spray them with matte or glossy craft polish for a nice shine and a protective finish.

11. String your beads! Be creative! And walllllaaaaaa!

We are offering FREE shipping on all of our eco-jewelry!

Happy Crafting!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Getting to Know Your Food!!

Well I wanted to do a little different of a post today. I am really into eating fresh local when I can and I truly believe that the quality of produce, meat and dairy is second to none! I don't think I need to rant about how much better local fresh ingredients are because I think we all have been hearing it for quite some time now. There is no environmental side effects like the consuming of fossil fuels to reach shipping destinations (which I might add can be very long distances) and you are helping support a local farmer and family! I highly support that! Okay, okay so a little rant! In trying to find local produce I find some areas are more difficult than others however most towns have a local baker or butcher. They are a great choice to find food made with love and you can choose to go a step further if you want and then ask them where they get thier ingredients and product. Also how it might be raised, if it is?!

Recently my two young girls,husband and I spent an afternoon at a local U pick blueberry farm and it was so much fun! We got to enjoy the beautiful sunny day and eat blueberries straight from the bushes (oops I don't think we were supposed too!:) My girls reveled in being able to bring home what they picked and we all enjoyed whipped cream and blueberries for dessert. I have to say you really don't realize what bland mush of a blueberry shell you may have been eating from the grocery store because the taste from these little blue bombshells were superb!
Here is a link for U pick farms listed across the world believe it or not!

This link is for finding fresh, locally grown and sustainably produced food in canada and the US. Their belief is "Eat well everywhere" and have a great little gadget that you can input where you are traveling from and to, and it will let you know of all sorts of places to buy your food along the way. I love this! You can search by other by means too and even as close as your city. Unfortunately for me I had trouble find a lot of places listed in BC, Canada but I looked up all other provinces and was able to find a great list of sources.

This link has more listings for the US but some in Canada. It had very nice detail about each farm and vendor individually as well as a community feel. There were forums and even a shop online option!

All links have a wealth of information on them and could really help with any quest for knowledge on eating local that you may have. I really feel a sense of empowerment making the choices of what we eat in our family. I'm not one to sit back and let someone else tell me what's good for me, so I say "I'll decide" and be better for it! Not to mention my U pick was a fun way to spend time with my family an teach my kids where their food comes from. My next mission is to find a local farm and not only have a place to buy food but I think it will be another great way to spend time with my family learning about all the things to see on a farm. Maybe some cute little fluff ball kittens could be found!