Friday, April 9, 2010

*Kaboogie* Spotlight & Giveaway

This spotlight I am introducing to you an Etsy shop called Kaboogie. I love what this shop is built on. How it cares about the environment and it's products not only make a difference but actually start at our kids which is where it really counts. These Funky baby and kids shoes are made from re-purposed, garment weight suede & leathers. The leather and suede make them durable quality and additionally keeps the material useful by giving it a second chance and out of our landfills. These chic shoes stand for positive change and creative aspirations and hopefully our kids can say the same one day about what we all did to help our environment!

The reason why this style of shoes can be seen all over the baby market is because it really is practical. The soft soles have been shown to give much needed grip while walking and not interfere with the development of feet. My girls so many times tripped over the chunkiness of their hard soled runners and need a good grip because to this day they still slip on everything! I have actually used these shoes in so many applications. Definitely as baby shoe wear when you don't need the hard sole, slippers and now my girls no longer toddlers, still use them in dance class! Kaboogie offers them in such a cute contemporary design with a substantial variety of sizes and styles.

My girls would love these shoes, from their velvety suede right down to the cute little pink flower button detail! I really like the softness of the suede which makes them comfy and casual with the neutral tan color allowing them to wear the shoes with so many different outfits.

Wow, do you not love these? honestly they have to start making them in adult size too because I want a pair for myself! I love the long alternative choice of boot which is not only practical in colder times, keeping those little ankles warm but also oh so stylish! The beautifully integrated hook and loop straps make these boots easy for little ones to put on too and all moms know how much independence is a handy tool.

This shop is owned and created by a mom with first hand experience of how important it is to teach children about having a positive footprint in life. Her passionate actions in her shop can speak louder than words to her "Red Squadron", six energetic red headed children who will one day make their contributions to our planet. Because of this example to her children and shoppers I can't help but be compelled to do the same and demand recycled alternatives to a giant booming market of baby wares! Way to go Kaboogie keep making Eco friendly products with your distinctive fashionable flair!

Kaboogie is generously offering a headband giveaway in a solid suede color, choice of available colors in stock. Also made with re-purposed suede and with no slipping or pinching in mind!

Join in for your chance to win!

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Good luck and Enjoy!


  1. I loved the baby boots. So cool.

    Etsy has so many people making great things on it!

  2. I just ordered a great pair of booties for my 2 year old. Can't wait to get them:)

  3. Hi,
    I'm following your blog (Lisbonsky)

  4. My fave is the Soft Soled Baby Shoes 12 to 18 Month - cute achors!

  5. hehe i like these:
    and these are SO cute
    The little tiny punk skull type ones are awesome to! :)
    Neat Store!

  6. following your blog! xo
    Twitter @sabrinaholly

  7. Kaboogie is sooooo cute! I thought they just had baby stuff but they have a nice variety. And I'd definitely give their baby stuff as gifts to my friends. I really love the gorgeous red Tote Bag, Recycled Leather with Photo Applique

  8. I tweeted!

  9. I love Kaboogie products because I know they are made to perfection because the maker is a perfectionist not to mention the products are brilliant. If anyone wants to know that what they buy will be made by someone who truly cares about the craftsmanship and who is the epitomy of honest, then Kaboogie is your sure bet.