Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

Spring has sprung over at Everyday Diamonds! Check out our selection of purses (starting at only $10.00!), and stay tuned because we are constantly creating new ones. We take custom orders for size, colors and handles, just send us a message and we'd be happy to work with you.

Do you have an Etsy shop? Show us YOUR spring items. Post them in the comments to this post.

Happy Spring!


  1. While not handmade, it's in my vintage etsy shop and so mod/spring colored!

    Great Blog!

  2. Here is a super cute upcycled ring for the spring:

    and a beautiful pair of aquamarine earrings:

  3. Wow, Jamie those colors are lush on your scarf!

    Amaniworks, love that ring! It is too sweet. That would make a great gift!

  4. This baby blanket/afghan is perfect for spring babies with it's gorgeous fresh colours!
    Would make a perfect gift for a newborn or a snuggly surprise for a toddler.

  5. Robin & Jess-This is such a cool idea! Great way for everyone to promote their lovely spring items. And I discovered some shops/items I hadn't seen before. My favorite item for spring in my shop is my Vintage Nautical Bottle It's trendy but classic and super cute. And everything is 40% off as part of my moving sale!


    Twitter @sabrinaholly

  6. I love spring!

    This colorful owl necklace is great with a spring outfit:

    Or how about some owl art:

  7. Thanks for sharing your spring items with us!

    SabrinaHollyVintage Love that nautical bottle. I wish I had a cabin, I would totally do it up nautical style!

    Owlsomegifts--love that own necklace. It is too cute. We hearted your shop!

    Lulaveggie-- your pastel colored blanket would make a great gift for a newborn!

  8. I have a lot of spring items in my shop right now, but a few of my favorites are my nautical pom-pom hair clip:

    I have a whole nautical line right now, but that is my favorite.

    Also, these daisies just scream "SPRING!" at me :)

  9. Angie- Love those bright colored daisies! Those certainly fit the theme of "Spring has Sprung!" Great shop.

  10. Hi! I have several Springy items in my shop, but this one especially reminds me of the spring and sun! Enjoy ;)

  11. Hi everyone,

    We have some Spring items in our Etsy Shop.
    Here's our favorite :)

  12. I think these have a fresh spring garden look...dragonfly earrings

  13. Spring is wonderful! This butterfly will get you crafty ones in the mood.

    Or this for your feathered friends.

    Soak in the sunshine!

  14. Lovely spring items at

    The brand new listing

  15. Who doesn't love slipping on a pair of flip flops after wearing shoes and socks all winter?!?!

    These are custom made with your choice of flip flop color and flower!

  16. Hello! What a great blog! I love spring and have a host of colorful dragonfly beads in my Etsy shop to celebrate the warm weather!

  17. Brooke--gorgeous colors on your Happiness Bracelet. I just hearted your shop :)

    Charlotte-- spring and feathers fit well! Love it.

    Kinsmade- love the dragonfly earrings and the teal accent!

  18. I love Spring so much that I moved to southern California where it's Spring almost all year round! I've got lots of Spring things in my etsy shop, but here's one of my faves:

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  20. Mindielee- those earrings are too sweet! The pinks and purples look great together.